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Hi there!

I’m Samantha, aka Sam. I’m the [mostly] recognized mom who is running her kids around town in her post-workout gear trying to fit more time into the day. My history? In a nutshell, I’ve worked in PR, marketing, project management, business development, and healthcare all over Nashville. Now? Now I’m with my littles and when I’m not I’m managing the household, working freelance, and blogging my heart out.

Oh yes, the littles. I have two toe-headed girls, Aria and Ellis. They’re crazy, but my kind of crazy. My husband keeps me sane 90% of the time and I think the other 10% he intentionally pushes me to the limit to challenge me, or maybe just to drive me right to the looney bin. Who knows.

Jamie and I launched The Lifestyle Loop knowing we wanted to make this something special and that’s what we’re doing. Blogging combines so many of my favorite things and I’m so thankful to be doing it with all these ladies!

If you haven’t already, cruise the site a bit and check out everyone’s pages to get to know us better. Thanks for reading!

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