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The Lifestyle Loop

As the first American born child of immigrant parents (from Germany) you could call me a do-it-yourself, figure-it-out, find-a-way, frugal kinda gal.  Growing up was anything but typical which made life even more interesting. 

I love all things crafting and DIY. I love Jesus and pull ups (both of which make me thankful to boe alive). Kinda kidding on the pull ups but working out is near the top. I work full time outside the home so balancing work, family, friends, church, fitness and the list goes on it pretty typical of most busy families. If I’m not chasing my 2 kiddos or cleaning house after hubby I’m always on to the next project.  

I try to remind myself that I have the same 24hrs in a day that others have it’s just what I prioritize and how I’m gonna tackle my dreams.  I hope when I leave this earth to meet Jesus those who I leave behind will say “she left the world a better place than she found it”. 

Now hand me the power drill and let’s get started! 

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