The lifestyle loop

Hi, Jamie here, one of the authors behind this blog – The Lifestyle Loop. I live in Nashville with my Husband, Shane, and three girls – Payton – 22, Autumn – 20 and Finley Kate – 2. We just welcomed our first son, Silas Knox in October 2018.

You will find that I am a true visionary at heart and that means that my life is mostly a beautiful mess. Lacking structure and raising my children to fly by the seat of their pants to enjoy each day as if it is their last. It can be exhausting – no doubt – but one thing is for sure, we do not live a boring life.

As a former boutique owner, my love for fashion, home decor, beauty, and adventure still prevails. I have built then sold 2 boutiques (due to a lack of time – Or exhaustion? – because I decided to have my 3rd child at age 38 & 4th at 40!)

Most of my friends would probably describe me as a spontaneous and adventurous soul that passionately over commits anytime there is an opportunity to travel somewhere or do something crazy. That is as long as it fits within my personal philosophy of go big or go home.

I’m so excited for you to follow me through this crazy journey of DIY tutorials, fashion inspiration, travel tips, product reviews and crazy adventures exploring the world.

The lifestyle loop blogger