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The Lifestyle LoopThe lifestyle loop

Hey, it’s Jamie! I am a true visionary at heart and that means that my life is mostly a beautiful mess. Lacking structure and mostly flying by the seat of my pants. All the while, teaching my kids along the way to enjoy each day as it were their last. I am a wife to an amazing man, momma of three spunky girls and welcoming our first son in November.  I’m pumped to share with you my passion for design, DIY’s, favorite products, traveling & fashion! XO




The Lifestyle Loopthe lifestyle loop

Yo! Sam here. I’m the Crossfit lover, travel junkie, cocktail making, pantry organizing girl mom looking for her next hobby to occupy the whole 5 minutes of alone time I have each day. Blogging about all things parenthood, travel, and whatever else perks my interest. XO




The Lifestyle LoopThe Lifestyle Loop

Hey hey hey, my name is Rosa. I’m a crafter, diy-er, pintest maker, Crossfitter, and Jesus lover. I wanna leave this earth a better place but until I go I’m gonna make it, build it, sew it, nail it, widdle it, chisel it, cut it, dye it, mold it, craft it… all of my dreamy creations that is. Can’t wait to show you all these fun ideas and how to’s so you can follow along. XO



the lifestyle loopthe lifestyle loop

Hi! I’m Brittany, wifey to my best friend, stay at home mama to three little girls, & barre fitness instructor. I’m passionate about health, clean eating, coffee (duh), & documenting life one photo at a time. XO




The Lifestyle Loopthe lifestyle loop

Hi Friends, I’m Ashlee; an adventure addict who loves food, high kicks, and tries to change the world by sharing a little joy everywhere I go.  XO