Easter Mantle Refresh

Hey Gang! I finally have my Easter Mantle Refresh up for you guys and excited to share all the source links with you. But first, I have to share some crazy news with you all… I had my first viral IG post on my laundry room this past weekend and I think I am still in shock. Mainly because it’s still not finished. My buddy, Arnold, from Laxamana Designs is building me some more open shelving this week to finish it off!. Seriously though, I think it had over 7-8 shares with a total of over 100K likes and comments – WHAT?! I feel super blessed that my decor style & designs continue to be so well received by others. I’m always so grateful for your support. You can check out the post here . Let me know what you think.

Anyway, back to the mantle. Are you like me and switch up your mantle for every Holiday? I just can’t help myself. Of course, that man of mine just laughs because he’ll never get it. haha.

All the pics are below with sources linked for you. Happy shopping, friends.

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