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Door Mats

Tis the season to be crafty. I usually put together a craft night every other month for my work group, neighbors or best friends. First because it gives a reason to gather together an second it let’s me get my creativity going and I love sharing that with other people.  This go around we decided to stencil door mats.

The Supplies

There weren’t a ton of things to buy for this craft.  The most important thing was the stencil that we would be painting.

  • Doormat, plain or with sayings (I actually reused an old one that was worn down
  • acrylic paint
  • foam brush
  • stencil
    • stencil letters or saying that you can find at Joann’s or Hobby Lobby
    • or if you have a cricket machine or cameo machine you can make your own, I found a great tutorial here

The Stenciling

Each person had a different way of doing it. In crafting there is no wrong way.  Some people would rather free hand, some want to do it letter by letter. Either way there is no wrong way.  Just as long as you are having fun and everyone is enjoying making something with their hands.  You just want to load up your foam brush with the acrylic paint and dab away.  Just dab.  No strokes just dab, dab, dab.  The mats are so coarse so they will soak up lots of paint so just keep adding more until you get to the shade that suits you.



Together Again

My favorite thing about crafting is really that you spend time with people and learn more about what’s important.  Since you are working with your hands there’s not much time for being on your phone or checking into Facebook.  I of course take photos and walk about to make sure everyone is feeling comfortable and if extra help is needed then I’m there.


Get out and get crafty!


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