Camo Kids Outfit

Camo Kids Outfit

Camo and kids – does it get any better than that? We love sharing our little one’s fashion looks with you! Make sure to like our Instagram Page to see more to come! Seriously, everything about this look makes my heart flutter. Let us thank all things holy that Camo is back for this season. Who am I kidding? I wear it every season anyway. Finley Kate was proud to prance around for some shots of one of her new fall fav ensembles (I mean, come on, hands on hips! So sassy). She couldn’t wait to get to school and show all her friends the happy face on her new sneaks. This adorable olive shirt dress is ON SALE this morning so make sure you snag it today! Below I’ve tagged the entire outfit below as well as hand-picked some of my other camo favs just for you.

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