Wine Women & Shoes

Partnering with Non-Profits Nationwide to Make A Positive Impact

Hi friends! As we are getting to know each other, you may have heard me mention my work travel or watched a few stories on an event called Wine Women & Shoes. Guess what? They are one and the same! Yes, I get to travel across the country helping incredible organizations raise critical funding through events which allows them to carry our their life changing missions.

Sounds pretty awesome right? IT IS!

Wait, Wine and What?!

Yup… Wine, Women and Shoes. All pretty amazing things, right?! I sure think so! I work for a company called Studio 4Forty.  We own two event brands, Wine Women & Shoes and Farm to Table(aux). With both, we partner with non-profits nationwide to support their event and fundraising goals, and ultimately, help change the world (even if just a little bit)!

How Does That Work?

I think the About on our website (which I wrote), explains it fabulously:


We’re not like the others…Well, there are no others. We’re a one-of-a-kind company comprised of goal-getters and big thinkers, fun-seekers and fundraisers, and we share your passion for non-profit fundraising. Our branded events are creative, compelling and successful. We provide our non-profit partners with the brightest minds in fundraising, event planning, winery relations, and graphics, giving them the tools to change the fundraising game—and ultimately, change lives.

From Ronald McDonald House Charities to YWCAs, food banks to animal shelters, we have helped over 100 ambitious non-profits engage with new supporters and raise over $65 million in net revenue, all in an entertaining, empowering atmosphere. With great wine, of course!

Onstage Wine Women & Shoes Nashville asking the guests to give generously!

Dream Job with the #DreamTeam

Having previously served as the Director of Development at YWCA of Nashville & Middle Tennessee, I was responsible for managing the Wine Women & Shoes Nashville event for it’s first 5 years. Through that, I got to know the ends and outs, do’s and dont’s and best practices for the brand. And, I got to know my then partner in crime, now boss and always friend, Heather. She eventually stole me away from the YWCA to work with the National Team.

Heather, Krista (another fundraising badass) and myself comprise the Studio 4Forty Project Management team. We work hand in hand with each one of our 60+ partners all year long, coaching and consulting them in an effort to help them throw the most successful event their cities have ever seen. In Spring and Fall, the three of us hit the road, crisscrossing the United States and providing onsite support as our teams bring their events to life.

Heather and Krista are my teammates, therapists, confidants and cheerleaders. We each offer our partners different personalities and strengths, and at this point, pretty much read each others minds. As we put out fires, uplift each other and provide critical support at every event, we lovingly refer to ourselves as the #DreamTeam.

I am not exaggerating when I say this is a dream job. I’ve gotten to take my passion for service and my dream of making the world a little better place, and combine it with my experience in events, fundraising, and managing people. Throw in my love of travel, high heels and great wine… and the fact that I get to meet and work with truly amazing people, and well, you get the picture!

Heather, an event staff member, former First Lady Laura Bush, Me, Krista

2018 Fall Season Travel Schedule

For Fall Season, I have or will adventure to the places below to work with staff from the benefitting charities. Click on the link to check out each organization or look at the Wine Women & Shoes event calendar page to learn more details!

I am SO passionate about my fun and fulfilling work. Thank you for letting me share a little of my journey with you. I would love for you to follow my travels and event adventures on our Instagram Stories. And, if you live near any of the cities above, I would love to see you at an event!

Note: If you aren’t plugged in somewhere already and want to get started volunteering with a non-profit whose mission you can get behind, there are tons of great resources. Check out Volunteer Match to find a good fit and start changing the world a little from where you are.

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    Krista Elmore
    September 24, 2018 at 8:59 am

    I love getting to change the world with you! #dreamteam

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      Ashlee Graham Meier
      September 26, 2018 at 7:42 pm

      Likewise, you rockstar, you! Cheers to many more adventures and many more lives changed! XO

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