The Home T

The “T” shirt

What do you wear? Specifically on the weekend or when you are catching up on your favorite episode from HGTV, or even when you just got out of the shower after a long day?  Your favorite tee shirt I bet.  I have a couple of go to’s, they are my super soft tee’s. The ones that have been washed so many times they’ve lost their shape or the ones that have a special meaning to them, am I right?

The Home T

Home. It’s the place where everything seems to be right. No matter where, there’s no place like it. I’m sure there’s lots of soft tee shirts out there.  But The Home T are insanely soft tees.  They remind me of home and make me appreciate the place I love the most.  These tee shirts are so soft that I want to wear them for days. And what better way to represent your home state than to wear it proudly on your chest?  Did I mention they were on Shark Tank?


Have you been here? Have you visited for a work trip or a quick getaway?  Have you eat Nashville Hot Chicken?  Do you know what it means to go honky tonkying? Well this is home.  I was born here, raised here, and never left.  I wear this proudly and couldn’t be more excited when I found The Home T because I instantly looked for the Nashville or Tennessee shirts and sure enough they had them every state out there.


Giving Back

From day one, The Home T has proudly donated 10% of profit to multiple sclerosis research. It’s a cause that hits close to home and one that they are passionate about raising both funds and awareness for.  So why not represent your home and wear it proudly all while supporting a great cause?

Hope you LOVE The Home T!

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