Avocado Face Cream

DIY – where did it come from?

I wanted to share with you the story of my DIY inspirations.  I grew up in a small country town with my family of six, living off the land.  My mother and father came to the US from Germany in the early 80’s and were very frugal.  They used everything at their disposal to create this life they gave to us.  I wanted to share with you a staple of her DIY presence in my life.

Handmade Face Cream

My mom started making her all natural cream in the early 80’s. She had the knowledge how to do through training as a pharmacy assistant when she was younger.  She grew up always looking for natural resources for healing first and cosmetic purposes second. The main reason was she wanted to make her own was economical reasons. If you make your own product, you can make it affordable and at the same time you can choose the quality of the ingredients. After researching the most common creams women use for their faces she noticed that every product had  mineral oil as the main source. Mineral oil is basically for protecting your skin but it lacks any nourishing properties.  She eventually found a recipe in a small book she had brought from Germany call Handy tips for alternative living. The main ingredient is Avocado oil which has an overall great resume for dry, sensitive and normal skin. It even is considered a natural sunblock.  She tried it, made it, loved it, and has been using it ever since. She uses the face cream once a day in the morning on a freshly washed face. She applies the cream and lets it soak in for 30 minutes and is ready to go.


Small Batch

This cream is made in very small batches, only 10-12 are made at one time.  It helps the product be up to the highest standards and have the best quality ingredients.  The cream is only sold to specially shops and isn’t even available out to the retail market.  If you are interested in purchasing these please contact us at rosa@thelifestyleloop.com and we are happy to send you a small sample.  The ingredients are all listed on the back of the product, as a psa we note that it has not been tested on animals and has not been tested by the FDA.  This is a handmade all natural product.



My hope is that we follow our legacy and keep the rituals and recipes alive through the next generation!

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