DIY- Bath Bombs

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Bath Bombs DIY

My kids are into bath bombs right now like I’m into Pumpkin Spice Lattes and they cost about the same price!  So I decided to find a couple of recipes and give them a try.  Surely I can make them cheaper than what they are sold for.  I bought my supplies on Amazon and picked up some additional things up at the local grocery store.

Ingredients (get it all off Amazon- much easier)

Step by Step

    1. First you will measure out a 1:2 ratio of baking soda to citric acid.  This means if you put one cup of baking soda in a bowl you will add 1/2 cup of citric acid powder to the bowl.  I used one big bowl and used a full box of baking soda and then put half the measurement of Citric Acid into it.  Once it was in one bowl, I mixed it well and then separated the powder into 4 smaller bowls so I could add the food coloring.
    2. Add a couple of squirts of food coloring to each bowl, more or less depending on how bright you want your bath water to become.  Then mixed well with a fork.  Do not use your hands because the food coloring will stain.
    3. Once the food coloring looks mixed in, then use a spray bottle and fill it with water, give your bowl a 3-4 sprays of water and then mix well, give it a couple more and mix again with the fork.  After you feel the spray is mixed in use your hands and knead the mixture together so it becomes the consistency of fresh snow or damp sand.  Do NOT make this mixture too wet, that will make the citric acid expand and it will continue to fizz and will never hold the mold together.  Less is more.  So remember the less the water the better.

4. After each bowl is mixed with its own color you will just fill the molds with which color you want, how you want to layer the colors in.  You will press the mixture into the molds and once both sides are full put some additional in the middle and squeeze the molds together as best as possible.  Then you will allow these molds to dry overnight, do not remove them from the molds right away because they will be damp and want to expand.



Last but not least…

The very best part of these is opening them the following day and seeing how beautiful they turned out.  If you have some issues getting them out you can put a hot washcloth around the metal to help release it but do NOT submerge the whole thing in water because that will make them fizz and dissolve.  I let my kiddo pick out a color and drop one in the bath that night, and to their excitement the water was so pretty!  Hope you enjoy this easy craft!  Check back for more.

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