Vibrant Sexy Hair Review

Vibrant Sexy Hair Review

By now you should know about my true love, Sexy Hair’s Root Pump Plus. I’ve used it for over 10 plus years. I have tried to stray but I always come back. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. So when I had the opportunity to review and partner with Sexy Hair on their new Vibrant Shampoo & Conditioner, infused with Rose and Almond oil, I was eager to try the products.

These pregnancy hormones have my hair and skin all kinds of crazy. Mostly dry and brittle. I was excited to jump right in using the Shampoo & Conditioner. Honestly, after the first wash my hair felt smoother and full of moisture. Fast forward to a week later, and once again, Sexy Hair has made me a believer in their products.

What is so great is that you have access to a great product line without the Salon expenses. Trust me, I have used shampoo that cost over $50 and haven’t been this impressed. Each of these products retail under $20!! Not to mention they smell amazing. Check them out for yourself. Click on the picture below to purchase and start trying Sexy Hair Products. Don’t forget to purchase that amazing Root Pump Plus that I mentioned earlier. You will thank me, I promise.


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