My Barre Experience

If you’re living in 2018 you’ve probably heard of Barre-type workouts by now. They’ve become huge in the fitness world and for good reason! These classes are challenging, fun, highly addictive & provide great results for people of all ages. In this post i’ll talk about why i love Barre and share a little bit about my experience with it thus far.


How it all began

My Barre experience began six and a half years ago when one of my best friends introduced me to Suzanne Bowen’s 30 minute slim down. This was 28 days of at home barre workouts that were just 30 minutes long. Suzanne is the creator of the BarreAmped Method & her online workouts are based on this foundation. The 30 minute slimdown was just the beginning of Suzanne’s online streaming website. Now her website has a library with over 300 workouts that you can do anywhere, anytime! How cool is that?? She has a ton of variety on her website ranging from barre, to HIIT, tabata, rebounding workouts & more! You may even see me in some of them 😉

This was just the beginning of my love for barre! Shortly after doing the online workouts and seeing my own amazing results, i found a studio nearby that offered BarreAmped classes. I was 12 weeks pregnant with my first daughter when i started taking classes at the studio & felt so prepared after doing the online workouts for several months. Of course you don’t have to “prepare” to take an in studio class, but for me this helped!

I went on to film several workouts with Suzanne for her online streaming website & fell in love with everything about the method. So much so that i went on to get certified as a BarreAmped instructor and have been teaching classes for 3 and a half years at a studio here in Franklin, Tennessee called The Barre at Berry Farms. Teaching barre was a dream of mine and i honestly didn’t know if i’d be good at it. But i’m so passionate about it and i still can’t believe i get to teach barre for my “job”.


What is Barre?

From the BarreAmped website: “BarreAmped is an intensive body shaping experience designed to produce reliable results, no matter the client. The method is influenced by classical and modern dance (though it is not a dance class) and utilizes a barre to achieve optimal positioning. Insights from Pilates combined with active and orthopedic stretching also balance the method’s unique approach. The precision-oriented technique focuses mainly on small, isolated movements within deeply held and challenging postures. BarreAmped is proven to increase metabolism, burn fat, and lengthen tight muscles. With commitment to the technique, you get recognizable results exactly where you want them.”

What’s not to love? Well, if you’re like me you may feel a little intimidated reading that. I had never taken a group fitness class EVER so i felt like i needed to try it at home first. That’s why i LOVED being able to do these types of workouts online in the comfort of my own home (and still do!). It was nice for my prepared personality type to learn the form, queues, positions & terminology first before trying an in-studio class, though it definitely isn’t necessary. The instructors who teach this method are trained to help the clients get into each position in good form by demonstrating and also by tactilely correcting their clients.

Why You’ll Love it

Once you start doing barre there is no going back. You won’t want to! Your mind & body will know this is a different type of exercise than you’ve ever done before. The “shake” becomes addicting and the feel good endorphins become something you crave every day.  You will also love how this method teaches you to love your body right where it is right now and to know your worth doesn’t and will never come from how well you can workout or how much you weigh. This is one of Suzanne Bowen’s (BarreAmped Creator) biggest passions. When i teach, i make sure my clients leave class feeling empowered, strong, energized, accomplished, proud and sweaty, of course. Not defeated, broken, exhausted, run down, discouraged or unhappy. They FEEL good!

Another reason you will love BarreAmped so much is because we work within a neutral spine alignment. Why is this important? Many other barre methods will have you “tuck” your hips under during the class. For me, this isn’t right. You don’t stand that way normally so why would you have that alignment while working out? Tucking the hips (think pushing your hips forward and under) puts unnecessary pressure on the lower back, hip flexors & knees. It’s unnatural & long term it is a bad idea for the health of your joints.

You’ll love the way these workouts are gentle on your body and that you can get results without doing crazy, erratic movements and risk injuring yourself. There are always modifications you can do and no shame in listening to your body, When looking for a workout you want to make sure it’s not only effective but safe. If i could continue to take BarreAmped classes (both online & in person) and teach them throughout all 3 of my pregnancies right until the day i delivered than i’d say that’s pretty safe!


What are you waiting for?

Have you wanted to try barre for a long time but have been scared because you don’t know what to expect? Maybe you don’t have a studio near you that offers BarreAmped? Or maybe you just don’t have time to get to a studio for an hour long class? Are you new to fitness and just need something to get you moving everyday? Well if you answered yes to any of those questions you’re in luck. Suzanne Bowen has given me a code to share with y’all that will give you 50% off your first month of online streaming workouts! Click HERE & use the code: LIFESTYLELOOP on her website & you’ll get a month of unlimited workouts at your fingertips for less than $8!

PS… yes i am 38 weeks pregnant in all of these photos 🙂 with the right type of workout and a belly support band it’s possible to be active (and even good for your baby) all the way through your pregnancy. BUT, that is a blog post for another day!



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