With Love Louise

Monogrammed everything

We all love the phrases that appear on every coffee mug and tee shirt out there.  This sweet shop popped up in my backyard.  With Love Louise is an Etsy shop that monograms to make these treasures come to life. From coffee mugs to tee shirts and everything in between she has the perfect little gifts for someone else or even for myself! At first I got hooked on the simple tee shirts I could wear on the weekend, then I decided that I needed a new mug for my office.  Now I really need to put a hold on my credit card so I don’t go overboard.



Discount Code

Use code TAKE30 and get 30% off any order of $20 when you place an order through her ETSY shop.  Beth, the shop owner was kind enough to give all of you a discount for shopping with her.  And who doesn’t love a sale price especially when the discount codes really work?

Tee Shirts

The shop has so many little sayings that I really can’t pick all of my favorites out.  But I wanted to highlight these 2 because they truly speak to me in this season of my life.  One, because everyone drives me crazy right now, whether at work or at home or in traffic.  And the other because we all know that these younger years are filled with ball practice, recitals and birthday parties.


She Believed

This saying is up near the top of my list.  Believing in myself when nobody else does, remembering that I’m unique and special and it only matters in God’s eyes.  This cute saying is a constant reminder that when you believe in yourself then anything is possible.

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