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My new obsession are polarized sunglasses.  I came across hand crafted quality Biscayners sunglasses out of Miami.  These make me feel like I am part of the ocean.  They are inspired by the ocean, its vibrant colors and ever changing tides.  Designed in Key Biscayne, Miami; they capture an authentic style in every piece and truly deliver a style that is for everyone.


Reef Style

These are my absolute favorite.  Reef brings the shine and reflection that is a fit for almost anyone.  Rose gold is the new color this season and everything from my jewelry to my handbag I want to be rose colored.  The are such a great color for all skin tones and I’m excited that I can continue wearing them into the fall.

It’s all in the Details

What does this really mean besides look amazing? Well for starters they are polarized.  Why didn’t anyone tell me what that was before now?  This is life changing.  Also they float, hello?? Have you lost a pair in the ocean or maybe even during your last lake visit? So sad.  They are made of natural wood, which I think is just the coolest thing since I’m a total tree huger.  And last but not least they are UV400, what that means is that I’m protected from those cancer rays that come out of the sky.


Hampton Style

This Hampton showcases my love for clear glasses.  Whenever I see folks with real glass on I kinda get jelly, I mine I have 20/20 vision but I want to wear glasses for a style.  Now with these clear frames and zebra wood legs I can tame my smarty bookworm wanna be look.


We would love to know if you have a favorite style or collection that you follow.  These are at the top of my list! Make sure to follow us on Instagram so we can include you in our next giveaways!

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