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We’ve all seen them, those catchy shirts that make us laugh, but this was the first time I saw them for a little one.  I came across Sweet Pea and Sweeties and instantly fell in love with these tee shirts.  On the weekends I live in comfortable tee shirts while chasing my kiddos around and running errands.  Why not look so cute doing it? These are just some of the style they have available. Check out their website and use the code below for 20% off.


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We all love a good deal and a giving heart.  When we found out that 25% of their profits went back to charity we wanted to share their love with you.  This mom followed her heart and is now raising her kiddos, whom she calls Sweet Pea and Sweetie (that’s where the name came from) all while giving back.  Use the code below to get 20% your total purchase.

Little ones

I found myself smiling each time I looked at my little ones in these shirts and with that cute saying on their chest how could you be mad at them? Don’t forget to check out our Instagram and visit our facebook page for a chance to win one of these shirts!


Not just shirts

They have so many fun styles on their website.  Even sweatshirts and hats.  Now if I could only get one that says “make me coffee pretty please”!  I’m sure they do custom orders so I may just need to reach back out to her. Enjoy.

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