Atlantis Bahamas Overview

We just returned from another great trip to Atlantis in the Bahamas. I always get a ton of questions from friends regarding our stay, so I thought I would do a complete overview of the resort from prices, amenities, what to do, what not to do, etc. All I can think of or have experienced there is coming your way in this post. So take a seat, pour yourself a cup a coffee and sit with me awhile. There is a lot to cover here.

First of all, I had some questions regarding where exactly Atlantis is located. It sits on the beautiful Bahamian Island of Nassau. Once arriving at the airport, the shuttle or taxi is about a 20 min drive to the resort. Lets talk about booking your trip before we get further into the resort.


A resort like this is not cheap, so I want to paint that picture for you in the beginning. However, there are ways to make it more affordable and this is how we travel there every year.

  1. Sign up for their email list and wait for the deals to come to you – They will send blast out occasionally with specials that dramatically reduce your stay if you can be flexible on dates. Luckily my hubby and I work from home so we are able to jump on those reduced dates when they happen. Usually when they send the specials out, they are accompanied with a resort credit of $300 or more (you can use on excursions, food, etc). Trust me, you will want to take advantage of the credit and I’ll explain why in a bit.
  2. Add your shuttle transfers while booking. You will have the option of adding these to your booking. They are cheap in comparison to everything else and worth not having to carry a car seat if you are traveling with little ones, like us. There is no car seat law in the Bahamas but I don’t trust having my babies in a car for the 20-30 minute drive to the resort. Even if not traveling with littles, still book the transfers because they are cheaper than car and usually waiting for you when you land so you don’t have lag time trying to find a car.
  3. Food Packages. I’m just going to be real with you. We spend almost as much on food as we do booking our stay (At least 1/2). The food is just expensive. We have found with the food packages they offer that we can eat for about the same amount of money or cheaper and have freedom of where we want to eat instead of the selected restaurants included with the packages. Plus, lunch isn’t included in the packages anyway and will easily cost you at least $100 (or more) a day just by eating by the pool. Keep in mind, we usually always take the baby and if our older girls are free, they usually tag. along too. This last trip we took 4 people and each lunch meal was over $100 a day. Just to reference accurately, this was eating salads, burgers and fruit. Now in the resorts defense, we always felt like the portions for lunch were way more than we could eat. This trip we ended up sharing a lot of plates at lunch, for that reason, and saved about $40 each meal.
  4. There are a ton of restaurants on site. Either pool side, in the hotel or located in the marina village. I wish I had enough time to rate them all for you but that could take all day. If you have specific questions regarding the food, please reach out to me directly and I can elaborate more on the restaurants. We have nearly eaten at them all. There is one that I do want to mention. It took me 5 trips to Atlantis before I ate there and I’ll never make that mistake again. Definitely try Poseidon’s table. It is a buffet style – but probably one of the best meals we had while we were there. Its is expensive ($70 pp, $30 for kids) but it’s all you can eat and drink, plus you can add on bottomless beer there for cheap.
  5. Excursions. You will have a chance to add these to your booking as well. Unless you are set on something you want to do, these can usually wait until you get to the resort. Keep in mind, you literally never have to the property – even for most excursions because they offer so much on site. Swimming with dolphins, the stingrays, scuba, snuba, shark experiences and even things for the littles to do. If you can’t take advantage of the specials they run and plan to travel during peek times, you might want to book these early. We have always been able to add ours at resort but we usually travel during slower times for the resort in order to get the deals.
  6. Which tower to choose for the duration of your stay? We have stayed in a few different ones. Some are cheaper (the Beach & Coral towers) than others, some are newer and have nicer rooms (the Reef and Cove) but we always prefer staying in the Royal towers. Why you ask? Mainly because it is centrally located to everything. The property is huge so there can be a lot of ground to cover during the day and night. The royal tower sits right smack in the middle of everything. As a matter of fact, this trip, we decided to spend and little more and stay at the Reef. Its newer, more expensive and has its own beach and pool (shared with the cove). It was beautiful and a little more secluded. However, upon checking in, we immediately asked to switch to the royal towers because it was so far on the west-side that we would walk forever just to get to the water park and restaurants each day. That can be the difference in a major daily breakdown when traveling with a toddler who still naps each day. Which brings me to my next topic – Cabanas
  7. Cabanas – If you are traveling with little under 1.5, I highly recommend booking a private cabana for the day. These unfortunately can be pricey too, up to $300 a day. It did really make a huge difference for us when Finley was younger. Fans, refrigerators, and plenty of shade so she was able to nap right there without making the haul to the room. Plus I could bring down her snacks, milk, etc without making a haul back to the room. She is almost 3 now (this was her 4th trip) and we opted out of the cabanas this time. We honestly went back and forth about booking one but she did amazing without one this trip! So I would recommend at this age to just roll with the chairs. Get there early, find a few with umbrellas and you should be good for the day.

Your Stay /Entertainment

This really is paradise. Anything and everything you could want is right at your finger tips. However, it all comes with a price. This trip isn’t for the frugal or faint of heart. There might be a few times you have to swallow some regurgitated spit-up after what you just drop on things like sunscreen. Not kidding, a regular, small bottle of sunscreen cost me $30 in the sundries store.

  1. So with that said, pack all you essentials. Even if you have to pack an extra suitcase to fit it all. An extra $50 to the airline  is nothing compared to what you will pay buying everything there. Sunscreen, Insect repellent, toothpaste, snacks, etc.
  2. Food – See section above.
  3. Always ask for an upgrade when checking in the resort. I have never been denied one, even before blogging.
  4. There is so much entertainment during the day. Water slides, pools, river rides, kids area & beaches. All included with your stay. My little was exhausted every night because she played her little heart out. They also offer a kids camp for ages 3 and older. They have to be fully potty trained to visit. We did not take advantage of this service. Mainly because we just wanted to hang with Fin since it was our last trip before our little dude arrives. Also, not gonna lie, I’m not t0o keen on leaving my child with someone else – especially someone I don’t know, in another country. If she where a little older, I would totally let her partake in on all the kids fun and meet other kids while she was there.
  5. The property is stunning from one end to the other. There are tons of open water aquariums on property full of marine life – sharks, stingray, sea turtles and tropical fish. So please take some time to explore the resort!!!
  6. The cave aquariums are AMAZING!!! You feel like you are walking through the set of the goonies. Seriously, If you haven’t seen that movie I am not sure we can be friends, just stop reading this post go watch it now!! Finley Kate was mesmerized and I’m telling you, no matter how many times I visit, so am I. We would walk through it several times at night!
  7. There is also a movie theater on site. Sometimes they play outdoor movies as well. We are yet to partake in a movie at Atlantis.
  8. Other than the aquariums and movies, there is not much night life for the littles. She usually would go down early anyway because she was exhausted from the days activities and sun.
  9. Shane and I always travel with one of our older children (21 & 23) or a nanny in order for us to enjoy night life once they go down. I highly recommend if you are traveling with children to consider this option. We love spending the day with littles but at night we like to unwind too. If you don’t have older children, take a grandparent or nanny along. Trust me, it is worth the extra expense.
  10. Night life for adults can be fun. Although, I was pregnant this trip (I’m sure Shane thought I was a drag) we still found things to do.
    1. The Casino – I will warn you up front. There is smoking. It’s awful but they do have a non-smoking section that makes it a little more bearable.
    2. Comedy shows on site
    3. Night clubs on site with dancing
    4. And if you feel crazy, take a cab off property to Señor Frogs or Margaritaville. We have done both.

Ok, friends, I feel like I have listed the most important things about our stay, travel and experiences. There is still so much to share. So like I mentioned above, if you have any specific questions, please comment on this post or email me directly. I would be happy to share more info or suggestions.

Happy travels to one of my most favorite places!

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