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So what do you do?

Have you ever met someone and immediately ask you them,”What do you do for a living?” Well there’s lots of ways to answer that.  Ranging from I am a mom, I own a business, I’m a wife, I’m a student, I’m a homemaker, I volunteer, I’m between jobs and the list goes on.  What we do doesn’t define who we are, I would say that who we are defines what we do.  I met one of the sweetest smiles and wanted to share with you her story.

Meet Heylee

I met Heylee because our kids go to the same daycare.  Her smile is just infectious and you can’t help but love her laugh and outgoing personality.  When you ask what she does its everything and a bag of chips.  First I knew she was a mom, then when I found out she owns Heyleeb and I instantly knew she was a boss lady.  We throw that term around loosely but some people really own that title.  She owns a boutique that not only sells the most stylish clothing but she also helps you with your style! Did i mention she owns a business, she’s a mom, a wife, a friend, a boss, and the list goes on…

What style?

I know we’ve all asked the question.  We see the latest pins on Pintrest or follow a trendsetter on Instagram but tell ourselves, I don’t have a style.  What does STYLE even mean? Heylee says you need to feel comfortable in your own skin and in your clothes.  Have you ever walked into a store and thought you couldn’t pull off what was hanging on rack? Well at her store she makes you feel like a million bucks, you don’t have to be a certain type, size or even shape.  Heylee has the eye to make a brown paper bag look good on me when I come in looking for something new. She’s kinda of like a personal stylist of sorts and can pick out what would look best on me even before I know which shirt to try on first.


If you haven’t checked our her shop in Franklin, TN or Leiper’s Fork, TN you are missing out.  This little store around the corner the beams with all things comfy, trending, stylish and creates a feeling of being you.  She has a website for those of you who rather shop online HEYLEE B. And the shipping is ALWAYS free!  To get 15 % off your total purchase just enter code LIFESTYLELOOP and happy shopping.


If you are close by I highly recommend that you stop in, meet one of the friendly faces and ask for them to recommend something for you to put on.  It’s surprising what other people pick out for you versus what you usual go to is.  And if that isn’t enough, she also does hair and makeup!  What more do you need or want? And how cute is her Instagram account?


Be You

There are so many of you out there that work hard, hold down multiple jobs, shuttle kids from place to place, take care of your aging parents, and the list goes on.  I just want to take a minute and say Great Job!  Even if nobody in the whole world notices – you need to hear it, it does not go unnoticed!  You are a friend, a sister, a mother or daughter, someones friend, a co-workers, and even a stranger working hard at the coffee shop.  You are getting up and getting the day started time and time again hustling to support your tribe.  Why not indulge once in a while and buy yourself a new outfit so you look and feel good getting your grind on!

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