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These days its all I can do to get up and get dress in something other than yoga pants and a cute tank.  Well that is on the weekends anyways.  During the day I’m getting up and working out, so I’m a hot mess right before I scramble to get myself put together for the day.  I usually leave the house pretty early so I’m dressed for my “big girl” job and gone before anyone else stirs. Which brings me to the weekend…

But during the weekend I’m all about relaxing in some easy clothes.  I came across Hey Dude Shoes and I have to admit they are so lightweight and super comfy.  Whether I’m out running errands at Target or heading over to another birthday party these are the my go to.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  If you come across some nice comfortable heels send them my way.  Always looking for stylish and most important comfy clothes.


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