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Easy Recipes for the Unskilled Cook in Your Family

easy recipes the lifestyle loop

Hello, I’m Sam and I barely know how to cook.

When we have dinner parties I feel as though I always need to clear the air with, “Yes I’m in my late twenties and no I do not know how to cool [well].” I stick to easy recipes. I never really had the need to learn how to cook. I went from my mom cooking for me when I was younger, to my boyfriend (now husband) cooking for me through college. Shortly after I joined the real-world workforce I had our first child, so he would still wear the apron while I tended to the baby. So, I never really needed to learn to do it well. And let’s be real, he actually enjoys it. I… do not.

I should clarify… I know how to cook about 3-4 things really well – my Grandma’s homemade mashed potatoes, a hearty spaghetti with meatballs and veggies, and boxed macaroni and cheese. Also what I’m good at is making cocktails 🙂 See some of my favorite cocktails recipes here!

So now that I’m a part-time stay-at-home mom the spatula is my wand and the kitchen is my castle. I had to (ahem, still have to) find recipes that don’t require a lot of ingredients because I get intimidated. And specifically find ones that can be cooked quickly or in something that doesn’t require me to babysit it—enter the crockpot. Life. Saver. And most recently discovered, the INSTAPOT! I’m saving that for its own blog post!

If you’re still reading this blog post then you’re either just like me and are looking for help or you think I’m pathetic. Either way, thanks for sticking around this long. Without further ado, here are my favorite easy-peasy recipes for the unskilled cook in your family from talented bloggers and websites who are not me:

  • Pan-fried asparagus by All Recipes – This side item is super easy and doesn’t take up a burner.
  • Easy Crockpot Shredded Chicken by The Salty Marshmallow – It’s as easy as chicken breast, chicken broth, and normal spices you probably already have. Score!
  • French Onion Steaks by Publix Aprons Recipes – I just love Publix. I’m usual skeptical about recreating a delicious meal prepared by someone else, but I went for it on this one and everyone in my family loved it! My 3-year-old, my 6-year-old, my hubby and me. That’s like a win-win-win-win!
  • 2-Ingredient Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken– I bet you can’t guess which two ingredients are in this! This chicken is delicious in tacos, btw!
  • Skillet Chicken & Rice by Campbell’s Kitchen – We try to eliminate excess carbs from grains (like bread and rice – even though they are by far my favorite food group!) so I cooked this without the rice and it was still just as tasty! My husband may have doused it with hot sauce to add a little bite.
  • Low-Carb Ham & Egg Cups by Ditch The Carbs– This super healthy breakfast is surprisingly so tasteful. Mornings when I’m in a hurry I’ll even just put an egg in each ham cup and not add anything else and it’s still a breakfast favorite in our house.
  • Mustard Balsamic Baked Chicken Recipe by Paleo Leap – I’ve made this with chicken breasts instead of thighs and the flavor holds just as well. Definitely use foil though because the other ingredients will glue itself to the dish.
  • Seasoned Avocado Recipe by Recipe Tips – I have a new found love for avocados. I could eat two a day for 3 weeks and still not get sick of them. This recipe is my favorite for a snack or quick breakfast option. Hold the pepper, IMO.


Bon Appetit!

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Had to sport my apron in hopes it’ll make me a better cook — and yes, both my girls have matching aprons too!

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