DIY- Geode Making

Create your own Geode for cheap!

We’ve all seen them, they are at every little shop we come across.  The geode are crystals inside the rocks that are found and cut apart and exposed. I’ve seen them time again and think how pretty, I want one and then I look at the price tag and think “nope, don’t need that”.  So I was recently surfing Pinterest and came across several DIY’s, so I thought let’s give it a try.  Here’s what I used and how I put mine together. All together the supplies cost about $25.

Materials Needed:

  • Sakrete or similar fast setting concrete
  • A bucket or container for mixing and plastic gloves
  • Plexi-glass sheet or smilier flat edge to lay concrete on, do not use glass
  • Water and something to stir with
  • Newspapers and some plastic bags
  • Acrylic Paints and paint brushes
  • Super glue or gel or hot glue
  • Decorative glass stones
  • Hammer and some cloth rags

Step 1.

Mix the concrete with water in the bucket or container you got.  I used a wooden spoon to mix this together.  Didn’t measure how much concrete I used but added only a bit of water at a time until it got to a cake like mixture.  Work quickly as this stuff hardens fast.

Step 2.

Ball up the newspaper in a small oval shape and put it into a plastic bag.  You can wet the paper some so it molds better.  With your gloves on, scoop out some concrete and place it around the oval plastic bag ball you made.  Lay this onto the plexi glass or similar flat surface.  You want to have a hollow center and put the concrete around it.  Make sure you get it all covered up and there is no plastic showing through.  Let dry in the sun.  I let mine dry overnight because I hadn’t picked up my paints yet.


Step 3.

Once its dries flip if off the smooth edge and pull out the plastic ball in the middle, this can be thrown away. You should now be left with a shell like concrete bowl.  You will paint the inside and outside of it with a similar color.  I picked colors in the rose gold family since that’s kinds my style right now.  The smooth flat side you will paint rings on it all of the way around.  Let it be messy, it doesn’t have to be perfect, try to use several different colors as that’s how nature usually shows them off.

Step 4.

Once the whole thing is painted you will need your glass stones.  I heated them in oven on a baking tray at 350 for about 20 minutes until they were hot and then put them under cold water as soon as I removed them from the oven.  This causes them to crack, they will not break but you will see the crack throughout them.  This step is needed so when you hit them with a hammer they don’t shatter into a million glass shards. Once the glass stones are cooled, should be about 10 minutes, take them outside and put a couple into a rag and hit them with a hammer very gentle as they are wrapped in the rags.  Then unwrap and you have several pieces.  Be careful these are sharp still and if the pieces are too small lighting the pressure you hit them with.

Step 5.

Glueing the stones into the shell.  I did this outside on a calm day when my kiddos were sleeping.  I didn’t want their tiny hands all of this glass and didn’t want any chance of the glass chards ending up in my kitchen.  I used super glue which was a gel type.  You can easily pick them up with your hands, add a dab of glue and start placing.  There’s no right way or wrong way since nature is so random so just glue away.  This step took quite some time so I worked on it for an hour and then came back to it the next day to finish. Try not to cover the entire glass piece with the glue as it dulls the pretty glass and that’s what we want shinning through.

And there you have it.  Super cute and so affordable.  You can use your own color palette and have it match any room.  I’m going to try this again and see if I can make some book ends for my office.

Hope it turns out lovely for you.  Let me know what you think when you try it and if you find a better method. Leave me a comment and tell me what your favorite color combinations were for this project!


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