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Podcasts both mom and kids agree on!

Long car rides with kids can be rough. A 45-minute drive to camp can feel like a four-hour who can talk the most contest. They win. They always win at that game. Until you discover kids’ podcasts. Que the fireworks, mommas because this is worth celebrating!

When I couldn’t listen to one more Kids Bop song a few weeks ago, I had this brilliant to bide our time in the car by listening to something that benefits both them and me. I truly enjoy listening to these podcasts as much as my kids and I even catch myself listening to full episodes on my own after dropping them off. Whoops! So it’s pretty obvious I do not regret one minute of the research my husband and I poured into finding the top podcasts for our littles. So now that I’ve tested them all and can vouch for each, why not share them with you!

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the lifestyle loop favorite kids podcastsBrains On!– An American Public Media science podcast for curious kids and adults.

Mom opinion – This podcast has amazing production and really grasps my kids’ attention. Molly is the main host, an adult woman, and is always joined with either a kid co-host or her two adult partner producers. Episodes range from 15-45 minutes and my 6-year-old asks for this podcast every time we get in the car. Our favorite episode – Deep Sea vs Outer Space


the lifestyle loop favorite kids podcastsDream Big by Eva Karpman– A family-friendly podcast inspiring kids to pursue their passions in life and take action to make their dreams a reality.

Mom opinion – Hosted by a young girl, episodes are 15-20 minutes and focus on providing advice or interviewing world-class performers who live out their dreams. This young dreamer has the right mindset and I like that my daughters can relate to someone so close to their age. Our favorite episode – Haters Gonna Hate


the lifestyle loop favorite kids podcastsTumble– A science podcast created to be enjoyed by the entire family. Exploring stories of science discovery.

Mom opinion – Most episodes are 15 minutes and are hosted by a husband/wife who moved to Barcelona, Spain. This isn’t my favorite podcast, but I do enjoy the adult-only hosts for a change of pace. Our favorite episode – Why Words?! How We Learn Language


the lifestyle loop favorite kids podcastsThe Show about Science– Adventure into the wondrous world of scientific research and discovery.

Mom opinion – Another kid-hosted podcast and The Show About Science is just too cute. It’s probably my favorite at the moment. The 10-15 minute episodes keep to the point and always have interesting guests. Our favorite episode – Amazing Kids Do Amazing Things



the lifestyle loop favorite kids podcastsStories Podcast– A new story is performed each week and range from retelling fairy tales to classic stories like Peter Rabbit and even completely original works.

Mom opinion – These 10-30 minute stories have a variety of story topics from true history to fiction so I enjoy the mix-up, yet my kids can still learn something from some of episodes. This is the newest one we’ve listened to and has quickly become one of our favorites and it’s definitely my 3-year-old’s favorite. My favorite episode – Saint Valentine of Rome & Rapunzel <– The strong princess who saves the prince version!


Oh and the best part about these podcasts is they’re all free! Check these out and leave a comment below with your favorite kids podcasts!

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