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We are stoked to make this Lifestyle Loop announcement!!

You might have noticed that we have been a little more MIA than normal but rest assured we have been working behind the scenes.

We’ve been itching to make a big change with our blog and brand. From the beginning our vision has always been bigger than just blogging. We both have so many interests and passions and we refused to get pigeon-holed into one small niche. Most others in this industry would say that is a big blogging no-no. I say, its a good thing we don’t follow the status quo. Honestly, it has been a struggle to follow our vision and not give in to what we should be doing but we both promised from the beginning we would be true to ourselves and our passions.

For months we’ve been going back and forth on how to make this work without sacrificing a portion of our talents, dreams, goals and visions. And just like that the answer smacked us right in the face! So we are excited to announce that we will be adding to The Lifestyle Loop team. We’ve handpicked each talented lady that will be joining us. Each individual brings diversity, knowledge, a little bit of crazy and a whole lot of fun and talent. So without further ado, meet our new Lifestyle Loop team…and stay tuned for more announcements regarding the direction of TLL and a more detailed bio on our entire team.

Meet Ash

Hi Friends, I’m Ashlee; an adventure addict who loves food, high kicks, and tries to change the world by sharing a little joy everywhere I go.  XO

Meet Rosa

Hey hey hey, my name is Rosa. I’m a crafter, diy-er, pintest maker, crossfitter, and Jesus lover. I wanna leave this earth a better place but until I go I’m gonna make it, build it, sew it, nail it, widdle it, chisel it, cut it, dye it, mold it, craft it… all of my dreamy creations that is. Can’t wait to show you all these fun ideas and how to’s so you can follow along. XO

Meet Brittany

Hi! I’m Brittany, wifey to my best friend, stay at home mama to three little girls, & barre fitness instructor. I’m passionate about health, clean eating, coffee (duh), & documenting life one photo at a time. XO

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