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Sorrento Italy

Hotel Regina in Sorrento, Italy

Out of all five cities we visited in Europe, Sorrento was my favorite. I loved the views, the people, the food, the culture. Everything seemed slower paced and I can’t help but to think it’s because they want to enjoy everything. We, well I, tend to rush through things not really capturing the full beauty, tastes, or enjoyment in what I’m doing. Sorrento helped open my eyes to take on the slower lifestyle. Life isn’t a race. Slow down and make it worth your while.

Also, try the Limoncello. Most of the lemons come from Sorrento and its delicious. Their lemon martinis are also delicious. And wine. And spaghetti and pizza! Oh I’m drooling and dreaming of going back!!

sorrento italy

italy spaghetti

Our Hotel Room

The best part of our hotel room in Hotel Regina was the views. You can’t beat having the ocean, mountain side, and a volcano all in one view. It was mesmerizing.

We slept with the accordion doors open and it was the most soothing, peaceful sounds.

sorrento italy

The room itself was the size of a regular hotel room that you’d expect. Same with the bathroom. But the bed was so comfortable! We were only in Sorrento for about 40 hours so this was perfect for us.

Hotel Regina Sorrento Italy

The Staff

We were supposed to have an all-day excursion to Capri Island that required us to call in advance to confirm our reservation. I was having troubles with the language barrier and our hotel staff was more than accommodating to help translate and even help think up an alternative when our excursion did indeed get canceled because of the weather.

sorrento italy

Every time we entered or exited the hotel they were greeting us with a smile. The rooftop lounge had even better views than our room and service was on point. Going back to one of my first comments in this blog post, the locals don’t act/react as quickly as Americans do, so we did have to wait a little while for our drinks to be delivered (from the main floor of the hotel) but it was okay because we enjoyed every moment soaking up the views and just loving life.

sorrento italy hotel regina

Life lesson– adapt to THEIR culture. You’re in THEIR country. Be respectful.

Hotel Grounds

We spent 90% of our time either on our room balcony or on the rooftop lounge. The other 10% was poolside. But I did take a few quick photos of the other lounge area in the hotel.sorrento italy
sorrento italy hotel reginaroof top views sorrento italy

The Location

As you can see, we were right on the water with a quick, windy walk to the ocean. And behind us was the city. You can walk everywhere! We didn’t take a cab anywhere except back to the train station. Be careful on the narrow roads and alleyways for traffic though.

sorrento italy

There’s a pedestrian-only “main street” that looks kind of like a street in California with shops and restaurants.

But if you walk down any side road it opens up to so many more cool places (more authentic in my opinion). I bought our daughters original lemon dresses that they now are obsessed with.

sorrento italy

The town square is only a few blocks away, too. And when I say blocks, I’m not talking about New York City blocks. They’re much shorter than that. One of favorite meals came from a restaurant right off the square.

sorrento italy square

This was seriously my favorite destination of our whole trip. It was so calming, relaxing, and exactly what I needed. I hope you get to travel there one day! And if you’re looking for a hotel, check out the 4 star and totally affordable Hotel Regina!

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