Grand Hotel Minerva | Florence, Italy | Hotel Review

Grand Hotel Minerva in Florence, Italy

Florence was our fourth stop in our recent two-week Europe trip and we were exhausted by the time we arrived. Traveling every other day and living out of a suitcase is tiring, despite the exciting adventures we went on in each city. So when we arrived to this beauty, we were all smiles and couldn’t wait to unpack and chill out. The phenomenal customer service paired with quick bartending and delicious food had us not wanting to leave the grounds often during our stay.

Our Hotel Suite

When we arrived to Florence we were thrilled to find our hotel suite at The Grand Hotel Minerva provided more than enough space to unpack, store our suitcases away, and enjoy a living space without even touching the bedroom yet. Oh yes, it’s true– check out all the photos and see for yourself! Added bonus- each room has complimentary Wi-Fi hot spot (it’s build into the TV!) so you always have a strong single when in your room.

The Closet

Immediately to the right after walking in is the closet. All. This. Space! Traveling for two weeks means we packed a lot and bought even more (souvenirs) so we had a lot that needed stored… and preferably out of of sight since the hubby and I can’t stand to see “clutter.”

The Bathroom

When you first walk into the suite, immediately to your left is the bathroom. Not only did the bathroom sell me immediately with the large walk-in shower with sliding doors, but it also had a heated rack under the gold bowl sink that holds robes and towels! And as most of us American’s would assume, this European suite also has a bidet.

The Living Space

This space is fully decorated with a large sofa that can double as a second bed if needed., breakfast/dinner table, and mini bar and coffee bar. Fresh fruit greeted us upon arrival and lucky for us because by this point in our day of traveling we were starving.

The Bedroom

To the left of the living area is the bedroom that closes off for privacy. Enough said.

The Courtyard View

Outside of all of our living space windows was this lively courtyard full of families and live music. Every time we were in the suite we opened the doors and enjoyed the subtle city noise.

Rooms & Suites

Many more room options are available to guests including Room 103 (pictured first below– and I must add that this suite blew me away with the beautiful decor and the time and effort they spent to maintain it to its original, antique decor), romantic suites, family solutions, and a variety of other suites.

Pictured above, Room 103 at The Grand Hotel Minerva

Grand Hotel Minerva suite

Grand Hotel Minerva suite

Down to the Detail

Each room door has a hand-carved design on the front — yes, EACH door is HAND-CARVED. If you look closely at each door you can see slight variations. The design this hotel puts into its decor has me amazed.

Throughout The Hotel

The hotel and its grounds speak for itself. The beautiful views and the recent renovation (2017) aimed at highlighting its architectural history left us in awe as we toured the hotel.

Bar and Lounge areas

Rooftop Amenities and Views

The rooftop pool is definitely one of the hotel’s defining features. Unforutenly, we weren’t able to enjoy it as it was opening one week after we left — yes… we missed it by just one week! So I have no photos of the pool, but I do of the views from the pool deck!

The rooftop bar sits next to the pool and wraps around to the other side of the building. Word has it they have live music May through September. Remind me to book my next stay within those months!

Mind-blowing food

Their restaurant, La Buona Novella, has a young and talented chef named Tommaso Calonaci. He creates his menu with “opposites attract” in mind… think salty and sweet, soft and crunch, hot and cold. Everything we had was divine.

And the breakfast buffet was definitely the largest spread I’ve ever seen! I’m still drooling over all the yummy choices.

Other Hotel Amenities

You know we love to get our workouts in, so we absolutely hit up the gym. They have a brand-spanking-new gym and spa… and it’s probably the only place in Florence where you can work out while enjoying the view of one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the city! One of their newest additions is a spa — which just like the pool, was opening the week after we left *palm to face*.


This hotel was literally around the block from the train station which was about a 5-minute drive. Talk about convenience! We were able to walk to the nearby cathedrals and shopping without hailing a cab. When we did want to venture out a little further, it was a short cab ride away. We took a half-day trip to Tuscany, which I totally recommend by the way,  and the front desk at the Grand Hotel Minerva helped facilitate our pick up.

Click here if you’re interested in learning more about the Grand Hotel Minerva or to book your stay.

The Grand Hotel Minerva treated us with a room upgrade, but all opinions are my own.

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    May 24, 2018 at 9:18 am

    Absolutely beautiful! Traveling to Italy in the fall, so this place is now on my radar. Thanks for sharing!

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    May 24, 2018 at 4:02 pm

    These photo’s are gorgeous! So awesome!

  • Reply
    May 24, 2018 at 11:30 pm

    Hi Sam and Jamie. This is such a lovely hotel! I’m definitely *not* jealous right now, lol! Do you know if the hotel provides Halal food?

    And thank you so much for stopping by my blog the other day, I really appreciate it. You guys’ blog is so stunning, I just wanna stay and get cozy in it xx

    • Reply
      May 26, 2018 at 11:53 am

      Hey Izzati! Thanks for your comment and compliment! You’re so sweet! I’m not sure if they serve Halal food or not actually. Their staff is so helpful that I’m sure if you called or sent an email they’d be able to respond quickly!

  • Reply
    Phill Slater
    May 27, 2018 at 6:07 am

    I love Florence. That hotel looks amazing so I will remember this post if I’m ever there again.

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    Marjie Mare
    May 27, 2018 at 6:53 am

    Everything looks so beautiful, I would love to visit Italy. Thanks for sharing those great pictures with us.

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