My Husband Calls Me A Space-a-Holic

Are you are space-a-holic like me?

Let me define that term for you – when you are notorious (like me) for finding unused, unfinished spaces and transforming them into actual living havens for your home. Hence, the term space-a-holic.

My poor husband just rolls his eyes every time he sees me open a closet or attic door and look around. He knows what is going through my head and he quietly prepares himself to take on the project that I am about to lay before him. Currently, I have transformed 2 attic spaces and a closet into the most adorable and very functional spaces. This is so my jam and my sweet hubby always has a way of turning what I dream up into a reality.

Let’s talk first about my latest project. In our new home we have 3 massive attic spaces, 2 walk in and 1 pulldown. Who needs all that dead space? So much potential just wasting away. I could hear it calling out to me as I slept at night, “I’m here, I’m available. Turn me into something beautiful”. I mean, who am I to deny a space its rights. It was my duty to convert that area into the most wonderful space I could.  We have a formal office right when you walk in the front door to our home. I love it. I love the decor, the furniture, the color of the walls, the 3 large windows to the front of our home, it’s perfect. So perfect, in fact, I won’t let anyone use it, not even me.  This office is one of the first things you see when when walking inside. I don’t want an unkept space to be the first impression someone has of our home. See for yourself below.

(Formal office downstairs ⇓)

I know I can’t be alone in this – you feel me, right?

I needed a office/craft space where I could hide all my mess creations. A place where I didn’t have to stress about exposing the untidiness to visiting company.  So that’s when operation craft/bonus room began! From start to finish it took about two weeks to completion. Below are the actual before, progress and after photos of the space. All Decor and Furniture will be tagged at end of this post.





White Desk


8 Cube Organizer Chest

Craft Table (I have the white one which is currently unavailable)


Filing Cabinet

Storage Cart 



Magazine Organizer


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    February 22, 2018 at 4:37 pm

    Beautiful spaces. This is such a great skill to have. It’s so great to make use of every bit of space you have.

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