Month-long Ab Challenge

The busy mom’s ab challenge.

The overworked woman’s ab challenge.

The bored athlete’s ab challenge.

The beginner’s ab challenge.

Whoever you are, it’s time to start. Make the decision to dedicate 31 days to creating your very own set of abs.

Like you, I’m always ready for Spring – family vacations, sunshine & warmer weather!! Pretty soon the days become longer, temperatures rise & less layers are worn. Before you know it, it will be time for a swim. Some women love this time of year. Browsing online in their spare time for the perfect suit that gives them Goddess status at the neighborhood pool. Then there are the other group of women, much like myself, that literally gets a stomach ache at the thought of having to put on a suit. Wearing a swimsuit takes a level of self-confidence that I have yet to fully achieve.

I walked into Target yesterday and my eyes fell straight to the bathing suit section. Not gonna lie, a small sense of panic came over me. I’m not skinny enough, tan enough, flawless enough. I need more time to get myself ready. Does this sound familiar? I do have to say the older I get, the less I care. Not about what I look like pre-say because I will always be that girl that cares. I love fashion and beauty that will never change. It’s more that I care less about what others think of me, especially what they think of me in a swimsuit. Every flaw, stretch mark, and scar is a badge of honor. I have three beautiful children and I would take a million more to have them if needed. However, just because its good to care less about impressing others, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t impress ourselves. It’s feels great when we do things to build our self-confidence and get comfortable in our own skin – ugh, even in a bathing suit.

Over the course of the next few months we will be releasing a series of work-out challenges in order to help you (and us) get ready for Spring/Summer. This month we are rolling out the ab challenge. It will start out slow and progressively get more intense. It’s designed for everyone, even beginners who have never worked out a day in their life. We have learned that when we have a better support system, the harder we work and less apt to quit. Each day, we will check in through our instagram stories and ask you to check in by simply replying to the story check-in. That’s it and it will totally be confidential.

So who is in? Will you commit to participating with us in the following 31 day Ab Challenge? Make sure you are following our instagram stories for daily motivation and accountability!

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