Lash Boost Product Review

Lash Boost Product Review

Product Review: Lash Boost

Why I decided to start and stop using it

As all people do, I started using Rodan & Fields Lash Boost because I wanted longer eye lashes. Until the past 6 weeks, I’ve always been pleased with the length of my lashes and didn’t see a need for any growth products. When they would break I would limit my mascara use and they’d grow back just fine. I mean, I’ve never had Kim Kardashian lashes but I was OK with that. Until recently. About five or six weeks ago I noticed they were so stubby and my usual trick wasn’t working. So after a quick text to a friend, I had a bottle of Lash Boost in my hands in hours.

I started using Lash Boost on December 18. Every evening I applied a swipe of the serum on my top eye lid along the lashes. Naturally through blinking it applied some of the product to my lower lashes. I also lightly painted the product on my eyebrows. It quickly and easily became part of my nightly routine and didn’t seem like a hassle to take time to apply it. Rodan and Fields suggests to use the product for eight weeks for the best results. I decided to do a four week trial and decide at the end if I would continue or not. I should note I missed 1-2 days each week (mostly on the nights I fell asleep putting the kids to bed).

Within the first week of use I felt a difference. I don’t know if it was noticeable or not at this point, but I felt like they were growing. But I also felt something else. I felt gunk on the corner of my eyes when I’d wake up. Like eye boogies. It didn’t hurt but if I didn’t wash my face right away sometimes the gunk wouldn’t go away. Kind of annoying, but worth the hopeful end result.

After the second week I noticed my eye lids were a little sensitive. When I would rub my eyes it felt like my eye lids were irritated. Kind of like when you have a mild sunburn and you rub your skin. Kinda scary… but I figured it’s safe (right?? hopefully..) so it wasn’t enough to make me quit. I decided to continue using the product.

By the third week I noticed my eye lids (where the serum was placed each night) were starting to turn pink. It kind of looked like they were irritated or the serum was affecting my pigment. This didn’t hurt either, but was worrisome as it seemed to be a side effect. I still decided to continue using the product.

At the end of the fourth week, my goal, I did see growth in my lashes. The ends of my lashes are blonde so they don’t look as long as they really are (cue mascara!). I decided to write this post before looking at my before and after photos so this blog post is based purely off how I feel about the product and how I see my eye lashes in the mirror.

After using the product for 5-7 nights for 4 weeks (20-28 days) on my eye lashes and eye brows I still have a lot of product left over. It’s hard to tell in the tube but I would guess I have a minimum of two more months use.

Ok, it’s time to check the results… Drumroll please…

Before Lash Boost

After 4 weeks of Lash Boost

After 4 weeks of Lash Boost


Before & After comparison

Post-Photo Review:

Ok, so I just compared my photos and I’ve got to say I don’t know that I see the difference I was anticipating. Kind of a bummer. I knew I wouldn’t have double the lashes and length in only four weeks but I really thought it would be more noticeable than it is. But I do notice my lashes being longer in the photo with mascara. Maybe it’s because my natural lashes have blonde tips so they’re harder to see without mascara? I don’t know…

All in all, I do think this product works but there are definitely some side-effects that I mentioned above. After weighing the benefits and side-effects, I decided to stop using the product temporarily to give my eye lids a chance to get back to their normal color and sensitivity. I think I’ll probably use this product again in a few weeks and see if I notice a different in between uses and again after using it for awhile.

If you’ve used this product I’d love to hear your experience and results. Drop a comment below and let’s chat!


Product: Lash Boost

Brand: Rodan and Fields

Price: $150

Length of use: 4 weeks

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