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Guest Blogger, Cayla Poindexter

All Things Hair Q&A

I am an Owner and Color Specialist of Queen Bee Hair Salon in Franklin, TN. My passion of doing hair started basically from birth, when I was born into the salon life. My mom and aunt owned and opperated a salon from the time I was born until I was 10. Then my older sister owned a salon and worked behind the chair for several years, where I eventually held my first job as a licensed hair dresser. It’s in my blood, and every fiber of my being.

Being able to be creative and work with my hands, all while making women feel beautiful about themselves is my dream job, and I am so proud to live it out every day. I started my career as an updo and makeup specialist focusing on on-location Bridal services. After making my dent in that category, my passion for business and hair color emerged. After several years of continuing my education in my industry, and becoming an educator myself,  I came together with three other amazing stylists and opened Queen Bee Hair Salon in October 2015. Our goal at Queen Bee is to make every woman look and feel like royalty every time they leave our salon. From the moment you walk through the door, you will be spoiled with snacks, sweets and beverages, your very own Image Profile if you are a new guest, and the ultimate hair care experience. Our goal is to give every woman a relaxing and enjoyable enviroment while helping them with all of their beauty needs.

Sam is one of my clients and we’re approaching our third anniversary together! She asked me to be a guest blogger and answer some common questions I hear from clients that some of you are likely thinking too. If your question isn’t answered in this blog, post it below in the comments!

How Often Should I Wash My Hair?

Our scalps actually need a little bit of oil to maintain a healthy pH. It is a common mistake to wash your hair every day. Oils help to keep our scalps and hair follicles healthy, and if you wash your hair every day you might be stripping your hair and scalp from protective nutrients. It’s a personal choice how often you wash, but I wouldn’t recommend more than two to three times a week.

TIP: Amika Dry Shampoo is my go to product that helps me between washes. It mattifies some of the oiliness and adds volume to keep your hair looking just as clean as it was on the first day.

Why Is It Important To Use Salon Grade Products?

There are a lot of reasons you should be using professional hair care. But number one is because you want to protect your investment. You wouldn’t machine wash a cashmere sweater that says “dry clean only.” So why would you spend $150 on your hair at the salon and care for it with $10 shampoo? Professional grade shampoo contains less water, and less to none of the harsh detergents most grocery store brands contain. You will use less product, and achieve more longevity between hair appointments by protecting your investment with salon quality products.

What’s The Difference In Buying Professional Products at The Store vs. The Salon?

Salon professional brands contain less water than those purchased at the grocery store. And I’m not just talking about Loreal, John Frieda, or Pantene. I’m talking about Professional products like Pureology and Redken that are displaced in stores. The FDA actually has different requirements for the amount of water they can contain per oz. if they are sold in the grocery store. And they are usually around the same price as those sold in the salon, so why waist your money?

Also, most of the professional product brands you see on the shelves, are not there legal. Professional brands make their distributers sign contracts saying they will only distribute to licensed professionals for resale. However, sometimes when products have been sitting in the distributers store for a long time, they will sell the cases of product to grocers for pennies on the dollar just to get rid of it. So the product you are buying was obtained illegally, and is probably expired.

Tip: Next time you are at the grocery store, look at where they have placed the new price label. It is usually placed to cover up the expiration date, or to hide a disclaimer saying it can only be sold in salons.

How Important Is It To Use Heat Protective Spray?

It’s pretty important. Normal to fine hair can only withstand temperatures around 300 degrees ferenhite. Most of our heat tools can reach temeratures up to 450 degrees. Without the proper protection, your hair can easily become damaged or dull.

What Is The Best ALL IN ONE Hair Product I Can Buy?

This is probably my most popular question in the salon. We live in a wash and wear world, where people just don’t have the time to style their hair with 3-4 different products. That is why Miracle Filler by Pureology is my go-to leave in treatment. Use a few sprays after you wash, and it will fill in gaps made in the hair cuticle from damage, making each strand of hair stronger and softer. It is amazing for highlighted or color treated hair, which may be compromised from the chemicals. It also protects against heat, which helps solve our previous question!

I am a Platinum Blonde, Should I use Purple Tinted Shampoo or Will Any Salon Grade Shampoo Do?

Let’s think back to kindergarten for a minute when we learned about the color wheel in art class. Green across from red, blue across from orange, and purple across from yellow. Each color meant to counter act the color across from it. Yellowing blonde is the most common complaint among highlighted clients. This is because of a tiny molecule in our hair cuticle called Eumelanin, that slowly builds back up in the hair even after we have bleached it out. That is why your blonde always looks so white and shiny after your hair appointment, but starts to yellow and dull after a few weeks. If you hate the way this looks, then you should definately be using a purple shampoo to counter act the yellowing pigments. Kevin Murphy’s Blonde.Angel wash and treatment are miracle workers at maintaining blonde hair. You can use Blonde.Angel every wash or just as needed.

Well there you have it. My brain dump on the most common questions I get asked quite frequently. Hope you found this helpful! All the products I mentioned are sold at Queen Bee Hair Salon. So if you’re local, make an appointment and come on in!

Cayla Poindexter


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Cayla Poindexter


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