Jamie’s Sick Day Shopping Spree

I mean, trust me, there is NOTHING better to do when you are confined to your bed with the flu than shop! I’ve had a few things I have been eyeing for weeks now and there was no better time than to pull the trigger on a few projects I want to get done in 2018.

Owning a couple farmhouse, shabby chic stores for several years, I literally bled all things industrial, chippy, chic and painted. However, style is supposed to evolve and change.  Lately, I have found myself being drawn to more straight lines, less color and lots and lots of GOLD. More of a modern-chic feel. It all started when my husband and I decided we wanted to sell our home and purchase another less than 2 years after building the home we are in now. We quickly fell in love with a house but the designer had a very unique style. It was way out of my comfort zone, very minimalistic. It still had my beloved shiplap but so much modern flare to the house, too. I knew there wouldn’t be a need to over-fill because all the artistic architecture did all the talking in the house and I was, for once, okay with that. Unfortunately, that house didn’t work out – who knew you would get hit with some serious tax implications if you sold your house before living in it for two years – so for that reason we have decided to wait until August – our two year mark – to rebuild our dream home. If you know me, you know that if I get an itch, I have to scratch it. This new style I am craving is no where in my current home. Knowing that we will potentially only be here less than a year, I can’t do any major remodeling – like flooring, countertops, etc. So I am planning to do a few small projects. Buying things I know I can take with me when we move. Maybe inspire my new design and decorating for the new home. I have always had a pretty eclectic style, mixing and matching here and there so I am sure my new found interest will continue me down that road. However, one thing I have never been super comfortable with is mixing metals. Most of my finishings are ORB (oil rubbed bronze). I am desperately going to find ways to incorporate more splashes of gold. The challenge is on, my friends. Below are a list of rooms/projects I will be working on in early 2018.

Master Bedroom and Bathroom Makeover

I will still be using all of my big furniture pieces such a bed, dressers, etc. However,  I want to show you how much you can change a room just by changing small details. Adding a little more flare by switching out lighting, bedding, rugs, mirrors and decor.

I am ordering a new makeup vanity. Mostly because the one I have is about to fall apart and need a new one anyway.


1.Vanity Table 

2. Faux Sheepskin Rug 

3. Clear Arm Chair

4. Lighted Vanity Mirror

5. Rug



1.New Bedding

2. Duvet Insert

3. Bench

4. Lamps



Honestly, I have never been much of a drinker. I will have the occasional glass of wine or be forced to shoot the occasional fireball or jello shot when out with my girlfriends. I just don’t really enjoy the taste of most liquor. The past two years, Shane and I have been doing a lot more traveling together and with friends. I was introduced to my first speakeasy and the atmosphere alone made you never want to leave (Sam and I will have reviews coming up on our speakeasy trail this year and into 2018). Anyway, once I discovered that some places would actual craft you a signature cocktail based off of your on taste, the world of alcohol changed for me. It became way more sophisticated. More my style. I began experimenting with unique ingredients and different taste that I have never had. This was a lot of fun and so yummy. But it was more than that, I actually realized there is a true art in crafting the perfect cocktail. In the midst of my new discoveries, my middle daughter decided that she wanted to go to bartending school. She has since finished and landed her first bartending gig. We are having a blast creating  and experimenting with new concoctions. Some – have been fabulous, some – not so much. Either way, we are having fun together doing what I love the most – CREATING. Long story, not so short – ha – we have a bar area upstairs that needs a little attention. Adding a few details such as a gold bar cart, jiggers, funky glasses and different shakers to make our creations look and taste so much better.


1. Gold Bar Cart 

2. Ice Bucket

3. Gold Shaker

4. Wine Glasses

5. Bar Tools

6. Champagne Flute 

7. Cocktail Glasses

8. Double Old Fashioned Glasses

9. White Marble Square Coasters 

Once everything arrives (wish me luck hiding all these packages from my husband) and I get it all placed. I will post before and after pics for you to see. In the meantime, I would love to see how you have mixed your metals and different styles for your favorite space(s). So comment below.

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