DIY Kid’s Chore Chart

DIY Kids Chore Chart for kids responsibility

Sometimes I feel I’m being too hard on my kids, and other times I feel I’m a pushover. Where is the common ground? No, really, I’m asking. I’m always agonizing over this!

One thing that makes steam come out of my ears is when I tell my kids to do their chores (i.e. put all the books in a pile; put dirty socks in the clothes hamper) and they CHOOSE to not listen. It’s not that they don’t hear me, because I know they do. It’s because they’re too distracted with everything else going on… like which color to draw Princess Emma Fey’s hair, or what is 30-6, or how many sides does a square have, or the fact that Alexa is playing Frozen AK rather than Disney’s Frozen (like, wtf, Alexa?), or whining about wanting a snack and not dinner… on and on and on. Yes, total first world problems. But to be honest, I don’t blame them (sometimes). I get distracted ALL the time and it’s hard to focus on what I was doing in the first place. So often I’ll pick up the socks and drop them in the hamper because it’s on my way to the kitchen. <– meet Pushover Mom. Or other times I’ll leave the socks there all damn day and will give them the stink eye until they finally do it. <– meet Too-Strict Mom. There’s really no in between for me.

So rather than doing their chores for them half the time or racking my brain on how to get them to listen, I thought I’d create something that draws attention to a different sense of theirs… sight. If they SEE the kid’s chore chart then surely they’ll complete their chores on their own without me having to tell them an additional thirteen times. It’ll only take one time, I’m sure of it!… Hah, wishful thinking. But it might just work!

I obviously didn’t create the wheel here but did create my own rendition of a DIY kid’s chore cart for my littles. The free download is available here– DIY Kids Chore Chart— for your own personal use, too. My favorite store-bought kid’s chore cart is the Melissa and Doug Deluxe Wooden Magnetic Responsibility Chart.

This should work. I really feel it, guys. Because seriously… If I have to say “pick up your socks” one more time, I may just lock myself in my closet with a bottle of champagne and let them fend for themselves. Not really. But tempting.

I’ll post some updates on our Instagram Story on how the kid’s chore chart is going at my house. I’d love for you to follow along and chime in with chores your children are responsible for! It takes a village.

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