IN THE LOOP: How to Bring The Magic Back to Christmas (video)

Adulting is hard. Make Christmas easier by enjoying it again.
Here’s our top favorite ways to make Christmas magical again.

Christmas is here, ready or not! This time of year can be so joyous and cheerful… except for when you can’t seem to get into the spirit. The more years we celebrate Christmas, the easier it seems to be to lose the Christmas magic. And as adults (cough *moms* cough) we have all the hard work to go through which makes it tough to get excited from the start.

In our first episode of IN THE LOOP, a mini-series talking about real life topics, we discuss with our dear friend, Erin, the hectic moments of Christmas and how to overcome them by focusing on the magical moments.

For more ways to create magical moments this holiday season, read through our top favorites below. Don’t see your favorite? Let us know what yours are by commenting below!

Number 1- Force yourself to listen to Christmas music. The classics, like Frank Sinatra or The Chipmunks.

Christmas decorations seem to be pushed on us earlier and earlier by retailers that the last thing we want to do is listen to Christmas music and have it stuck in our heads from September to December. BUT, come December, it’s time to bite the bullet and crank up the tunes because it’s a surefire way to get you moving and thinking creative for Christmas gifts.

Our fav classics- check out “Sam’s Christmas Playlist” via Spotify.


Number 2- Bake Christmas cookies. From scratch. 

I know, this sounds so awful on so many levels, but really it can be so magical and memorable. Stop agonizing over the time it takes to buy, prep, and bake the ingredients, and definitely don’t even think about the mess you’ll need to clean after… rather, put these items on your grocery list, gather the family or call a friend, and just get started.

See Homemade Christmas Cookies recipe here.



Number 3- Wrapping presents. Actually wrapping them and not just stuffing gifts into gift bags with fluffy tissue paper.

This is a tough one. It’s so easy to buy a cute bag with sparkly tissue paper and “wrap” presents in under 10 minutes. But the real magic is in the wrapping paper. Take the time to enjoy the traditions we often let slip.

Our fav wrapping paper collections:


Number 4- Decorate with popcorn strands

One of Jamie’s favorite childhood memories is popping popcorn, stringing it, and decorating the tree as a family. It’s a great opportunity to spend time as family and have a little snack, too.


Number 5- If you have littles (or pets!) make a visit to see Santa. At a non-stressful location.

Do your research to find the best location near you to visit ole Chris Cringle. We avoid Santa at the mall like it’s the plague because of the over-crowded lines and Bad Santa-like Santas. You’d be surprised in how many boutiques and businesses host Santa in exchange for donations to a local charity. When Jamie owned Vintage 615, a trendy vintage boutique south of Nashville, she started the tradition of hosting Santa and Mrs. Claus (and the occasional Frozen favorites!). The lines were long but the special guests and store discounts made it welllll worth it!

See our blog post Santa’s Coming to Town for photos of Jamie’s Cookies with Santa annual event that she now hosts at her house.


Number 6- Watch your favorite Christmas movies early.

December gets waaaay too busy waaaay too fast. Before you know it, it’s Christmas Eve and you’re watching A Christmas Story on repeat on TBS and haven’t had the chance to watch some of the other classics. Plan out a few date nights to Netflix and Chill with your old favorites or check your local theaters for reruns.

Our favs: It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, Scrooged, and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.


Number 8- Create your own Christmas Cocktail (or remake an old favorite!)

This is definitely an all-time favorite at Sam’s house. Mixing and matching liquors and mixers until you find your new holiday favorite can be a fun date night. Experimenting in mixology can bring some laughs and cringe faces, but when you find your new Christmas Cocktail it’ll be well worth it. Just remember the recipes you create so you can repeat!

See our Favorite Cocktail Recipes blog post for ingredients and instructions on how to make The Eggnog Martini.


Number 9- Fill your home with seasonal scents.

Gingerbread, Christmas tree, sugar cookie, oh my! Peppermint, cinnamon and cedar, yes please! These seasonal scents will fill your home with Christmas cheer in no time.


Number 10- Read a Holiday classic as a family before bed

The first Christmas book that always seems to come to mind is The Night Before Christmas, but there are so many other captivating holiday books that help spread the Christmas cheer much earlier than the night before Christmas.

Some good ones:


Number 11- Participate in a Tree Lighting Ceremony.

This year was Sam’s first ceremony to attend and boy was it an experience. Aria’s and Ellis’ eyes shot up to the beautiful, bright tree and grins spread wide across their faces.

Watch the Franklin, TN Tree Lighting Ceremony.


More ways to re-ignite your Christmas spirit:

  • Decorate a gingerbread house
  • Serve a meal at a homeless shelter
  • Sled riding or ice skating
  • Surprise neighbors with Christmas carols
  • Have a family slumber party under the tree
  • Hang mistletoe in every doorway
  • Mail a letter to Santa
  • Deliver homemade holiday treats to someone unexpected
  • Volunteer or donate to really making an impact in someone’s life


We hope these tips help you as much as they helped us!

Merry Christmas!

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