Meet Sam & Jamie

Girl moms, style leaders, adventure junkies, travel geeks, DIY demonstrators

We’re Sam & Jamie. Jamie & Sam. Thelma & Louise. Cher & Dionne. Holmes & Watson. Milk & Ice Cream. Peanut Butter & Jelly. You see where we’re going with this. It’ll be pretty evident through our posts and social media how we’re two of the same but in very different ways.

Sam is our fitness fanatic, modern stylin’, blonde bombshell in her late 20’s. Jamie is our décor extraordinaire, farmhouse lovin’, brunette babe in her late 30’s.

It all started when we both randomly moved into the same, fun neighborhood outside of Nashville. And just like that, *poof* five years later our friendship has flourished from neighbors to mom-friends to crafting pals to travel buddies to vlogging & blogging partners!

Through The Lifestyle Loop we’ll bring you blogs, vlogs, and social media posts about all things lifestyle– fashion, family, fun, and everything in between.

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