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My Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Awe, man, I just love it when a space comes together. Most of you know that we recently moved into a new house. The day of the move I found out that I was pregnant. Other than unpacking all the boxes, I didn’t have much time to decorate before all my pregnancy sickness set in  My personality usually will not let me sit still very long. Diving into project after project is something my body craves. So when I am down, I am miserable. Mostly because my mind thinks and constantly reminds me about everything I should or could be doing but my body just won’t cooperate. Trust me, I have been counting down the days to my 2nd trimester. Every day I feel much better and have more energy to work on the house. That means time to start decorating. I decided I would take one room at a time. First up, my kitchen. This is easily the room that sold us on the house. There really wasn’t much to be done. Adding a few open shelves, a little Modern Farmhouse Decor, and necessary furnishings – and Voila- Done.

Check out the finished product below. Just waiting on my very backordered barstools but these will do for now. Let me know what you think!!



Open Shelving – Laxamana Designs, Gather Sign – Smallwoods



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